Lauroeta Hiribidea, Loiu, Spain
10 Lauroeta Hiribidea Loiu Euskadi 48180 ES

Cintranaval-Defcar,S.L. is one of the top technological Spanish companies in the shipbuilding industry. Our company is backed with 50 years experience in basic and classification design of the diverse types of vessels having already carried out more than 600 “CND” brand projects built for shipowners from 30 different countries.

Furthermore, Cintranaval-Defcar, S.L. has developed the detail design and production engineering of nearly 60 vessels using in-house programmed CAD/CAM software, the DEFCAR system- used by more than 100 companies in 24 different countries.
A high degree of specialization as ship designers allied to a program of continuous CAD/CAM software development is the key factor in the company’s success.
Short Company Name:
CND Design
Full Address:
CINTRANAVAL-DEFCAR Lauroeta Etorbidea, 4. 48180 Loiu. Vizcaya (Spain)
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48180 Loiu, Bizkaia, Spain 0.67 km
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Zamudio, Bizkaia, Spain 6.23 km
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