Swire Seabed Shipping AS

Nedre Åstveit, 5106 Øvre Ervik, Norway
Nedre Aastveit Ovre Ervik Norway

Swire Seabed offers a wide range of subsea operation. Swire Seabed holds and maintains ROV, ROTC and other equipment for deployment aboard its own vessels.

Short Company Name:
Swire Seabed Shipping AS
Full Address:
Nedre Aastveit 12, 5106 Ovre Ervik, Norway.
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Nedre Åstveit 12, 5106 Øvre Ervik, Norway 0.13 km
Ervikveien, 5106 Øvre Ervik, Norway 0.83 km
Eidsvågbakken 1, 5105 Eidsvåg i Åsane, Norway 1.18 km
Åsamyrane 88B, 5116 Ulset, Norway 1.94 km
Litleåsvegen 57, 5132 Nyborg, Norway 2.72 km
Liamyrane, 5132 Bergen, Norway 3.03 km
Liamyrane 12, 5132 Nyborg, Norway 3.06 km
Hegrenesveien 2, 5042 Bergen, Norway 3.17 km
Nyhavn 4, 5042 Bergen, Norway 3.22 km
Nyhavn 4, 5042 Bergen, Norway 3.22 km
Sandviksbodene, 5035 Bergen, Norway 3.47 km
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