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Marbnet is a unique  business network aimed solely at the Maritime Industry. Our mission is to provide a haven where maritime professionals and companies across the globe can communicate, cooperate and extend their ever-increasing need for further networking. The provided services aim to ease the daily tasks of maritime professionals of all disciplines, as information may freely be obtained in all areas of the industry. The features offered by Marbnet mainly consist of a global Companies Directory, Vessels Directory and a Social Platform that facilitates interaction between professionals alike.

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A new approach of the vessels directory with extended search functionality allows users to find the technical characteristics of vessels, ship-manager contact information and a photographic information of the vessel, if that is openly disclosed. The Vessels directory provides detailed information for more than 60,000 vessels readily available to all Marbnet users. Persons interacting with our platform are also able to see the current position of each vessel via AIS (Automatic Identification System), including, but not limited to, the name of the vessel, engineering and mechanical information, as well as the managing.


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