Article Numbering Association of Ukraine (GS1 Ukraine)

Artema Street, 26, Kotsiubyns'ke, Kyivs'ka oblast, Ukraine
ul Artema 26, 04053 Kiev, Ukraine Kiev 04053 Ukraine
Short Company Name:
GS1 Ukraine

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Tbilis'kyi Lane, 4/10, 406, Kyiv, Kyiv city, Ukraine 10.63 km
Richna Street, 3, Kyiv, Kyiv city, Ukraine 12.01 km
vulytsia Petra Sahaidachnoho, Vyshneve, Kyivs'ka oblast, Ukraine 12.01 km
Furmanova Street, 1/7, Kyiv, Kyiv city, Ukraine 12.37 km
Naberezhno-Lugova Street, 8, Kyiv, Ukraine 12.8 km
Top Yachts Division Group.png
Naberezhno-Lugova Street, 8, Kyiv, Kyiv city, Ukraine 12.8 km
Emes Crewing.png
Frunze Street, 24, 2, Kyiv, Kyiv city, Ukraine 12.86 km
Naberezhno-Lugova Street, Kyiv, Ukraine 13.12 km
Pyrohova Street, 6, Kyiv, Ukraine 13.46 km
Pyrohova Street, 6, Kyiv, Kyiv city, Ukraine 13.46 km
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