Flanders Maritime Equipment Association VZW (FLAMEA)

Zoersel, Belgium
c/o Amico BVBA, Dennenlaan 36, 8980 Zoersel, Belgium Zoersel 8980 Belgium
Short Company Name:
Flanders Maritime Equipment

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Heidemolen, 2970 Schilde, Belgium 6.7 km
Waterstraat 16, 2970 Schilde, Belgium 7.42 km
Vaartkant Links 43, 2960 Brecht, Belgium 8.3 km
Vecom NV.png
Ter Stratenweg 7, 2520 Ranst, Belgium 11 km
Rozenlaan, 2970 Schilde, Belgium 11.3 km
Vaartstraat 126, 2520 Ranst, Belgium 11.59 km
Aegean North-West Europe.png
Nijverheidsstraat, 2960 Brecht, Belgium 11.66 km
Schilde Kasteeldreef, 2970 Schilde, Belgium 11.79 km
Albertkanaalbaan, 2110 Wijnegem, Belgium 13.91 km
Bredabaan, Brasschaat, Belgium 15.04 km
Bredabaan 391, 2930 Brasschaat, Belgium 15.47 km
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