HandyBulk Shipping

Panama City, Panama
Calle 50 Panamá Panamá PA

Dry Bulk Shipping Operator of Modern Dry Bulk Carriers and Ocean Transportation of Dry Bulk Cargo.

HandyBulk Shipping Operates : Handy Handymax Dry Bulk Carriers
Size: 10,000 DWT up to 65,000 DWT
Operating areas: Worldwide
Main Cargoes: Coal, Grain, Steel, Cement, Sugar, Fertilizer, Logs, Scrap.

HandyBulk Shipping provides cost effective ocean transportation for cargoes such as coal, scrap, fertilizer, alumina, bauxite, metals, concentrates, bio fuels, grain, minerals, steel, cement, gypsum, logs, pet coke, sugar etc. HandyBulk Shipping’s experienced crew safely carry and handle your cargo. HandyBulk Shipping understand and appreciate our clients shore challenges, so HandyBulk Shipping assure the best service all oceans of the world. Established in 1881.

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