Holland Repair & Services BV

1013 BJ Amsterdam, Netherlands
Vlothavenweg 16, Harbour No 2311, 1013 BJ Amsterdam, The Netherlands Amsterdam 1013 BJ Netherlands

We offer all-round repair services in the Amsterdam harbour. Our own repair quay is open to ships with maximum depths of 7 meters. We are authorized to issue official repair certificates, which may be used to reduce the harbour fees.

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Holland Repair & Services BV

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Holland Marine Services Amsterdam BV.png
Vlothavenweg 16, 1013 BJ Amsterdam, Netherlands 0.08 km
Vlothavenweg 10, 1013 Amsterdam, Netherlands 0.1 km
Zekeringstraat 36, 1014 BS Amsterdam, Netherlands 0.55 km
Zekeringstraat 52, 1014 BT Amsterdam, Netherlands 0.62 km
A. G. Bellschool, Zekeringstraat 45, 1014 Amsterdam, Netherlands 0.63 km
Coenhavenweg 3, 1013 BK Amsterdam, Netherlands 0.68 km
Jan van Riebeeckhavenweg 9, 1041 AD Amsterdam, Netherlands 0.92 km
Petroleumhavenweg 42, 1041 AC Amsterdam, Netherlands 1.26 km
Radarweg 36, 1042 AA Amsterdam, Netherlands 1.29 km
Radarweg 36, 1042 AA Amsterdam, Netherlands 1.29 km
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