Stocznia Gdanska Grupa Stoczni Gdynia SA.png

Stocznia Gdanska Grupa Stoczni Gdynia SA

Na Ostrowiu 15, Gdańsk, Poland
Na Ostrowiu 15/20, 80-873 Gdansk, Poland Gdansk 80-873 Poland

Gdansk Shipyard – ship design, construction and delivery. Offshore vessels and hulls producer. Steel constructions and wind towers producer in Poland, Europe.

Short Company Name:
Stocznia Gdanska Grupa Stoczni

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Swojska 12, Gdańsk, Poland 0.97 km
Chemików 4, 80-550 Gdańsk, Poland 1.1 km
Chemików 4, 80-550 Gdańsk, Poland 1.1 km
Kujawska 2, Gdańsk, Poland 1.11 km
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Okrąg 1, 80-871 Gdańsk, Poland 1.15 km
Agencja Anticorr.png
Marynarki Polskiej 98, Gdańsk, Poland 1.25 km
Narwicka 7A, 80-557 Gdańsk, Poland 1.35 km
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